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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> pay your tax. >> tonight, "time's" michael grunwald, jonathan alter and katrina vanden heuvel on how to dismantle the austerity bomb. >> 10,000 bucks? >>> the godfather of the conservative movement offers romney pocket change to anyone who can save the republican party. i'll show you why it's a lost cause. >>> plus, a virginia pizza shop owner uses a sick promotion to sell pies and push the nra agenda. >>> the beltway press takes their eye off the ball, complaining about bohm and tiger woods. the least popular senator is desperately attacking ashley judd. and david corn, the co-author of "hubris" and co-author of the msnbc documentary tells me what was left out. >> i'm sure the administration cooked the books. >> good to have you with us, folks. thanks for watching. keep in mind when you hear the word sequester, the sequester cuts were designed to be so bad, so terrible, that lawmakers would be forced to come up with an alternative plan. well, that didn't work. with these cuts are on the verge of happening anyway. march 1 is the big date, a week from this friday. president obama resp
Feb 12, 2013 3:00pm PST
in the election. coming to us via skype in washington, d.c. is journalist michael grunwald with this week's "time" article. welcome to "the war room." >> thank you. >> michael: i want to ask you about marco rubio. what sets him apart? is he different than mitch mcconnell? is he another tea party guy. >> he is a tea party guy. he's more conservative than mitch mcconnell and he has a lot in common with paul ryan, they're both conservative republicans who came of age in that post gingrich era. as i said in the piece rubio speaks partisan republican as his native tongue. mitt romney was speaking it as a second language. you can see how the republican party if they think that their only problems is that they need to improve their message and reach out to latinos better, rubio is an excellent communicator. he doesn't speak spanish. he's cuban-american. if they don't feel that they need to change their position on other issues, he's pretty down the line domestic policy, social policy he's pretty conservative. >> michael: when you say he's cuban-american it brings to mind that it seems that the republica
Feb 7, 2013 3:00am PST
. what have you cleared up there? >> well, michael grunwald wrote our story, and he cites this biography of came out on rubio i believe last year which actually determined that the grandfather was an undocumented immigrant who came from cuba. but again, because of the cold war, because of what was -- the post-cuban missile crisis era, he was grandfathered in, as it were, as a citizen which couldn't have happened if he was a mexican or el salvadorian or whatever. because he was cuban. >> what about the concerns that he sort of isn't mature enough in politics? >> you know, richard haass, one of your frequent guests, had me come to the council last year and do a q&a with rubio on foreign policy. i found him amazingly astute and mature to ask a question and understanding of foreign policy issues that was actually deep and subtle. i don't -- you know, he's very youthful looking, but he feels like an old soul at the same time. despite the fact that he likes hip-hop. >> you're really selling this guy. those are some bold words. >> i want to kind of override the jinx. >> the jinx. >> it's a big
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)